The audience was impressed after watching The Kerala Story, Adah Sharma’s performance was liked by the audience, said – this is not just propaganda…

Mumbai: Amidst all the controversies, Adah Sharma starrer ‘The Kerala Story’ was finally released in theaters yesterday i.e. on 5th May. Ever since the teaser of the film was released, the film got caught in a political tussle. Many political parties objected to the film. The petition to ban the film being told on the true incident also reached the Supreme Court. But, the Supreme Court flatly refused to ban the film. But, amidst all the hindrances, the makers released the film in theaters and now the film is making a splash among the audience. Seeing the reaction of the audience, it seems that the film audience (The Kerala Story Review) is very much liked.

The censor board has given the film an A certificate by running scissors on 10 scenes. Users are constantly sharing their reviews on Twitter regarding the film. So let’s know how the audience is finding this film surrounded by controversies?

The story of ‘The Kerala Story’ revolves around three women, who are brainwashed and converted to religion. Then these women are used for Jihad. In such a situation, there was a continuous controversy about the film, in such a situation, the curiosity about the film started increasing in the audience too. People watching the film have given reviews on Twitter.

While praising the film, a user wrote- ‘Let the public also know the truth. You cannot fool everyone by closing your eyes so that the bitter truth does not come out.’ Another wrote- ‘Of course I am going to watch The Kerala Story with my hard earned money. Controversy must mean that it is angering the right people. I mean the leftist people. Another user wrote- ‘It is a privilege for me to be a part of the screening of The Kerala Story, as it is based on true events. I would like to tell every Indian to watch this film and spread awareness. Thanks to Vipul Shah and Sudipto Sen for making this bold film.

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